New Moon Meditation Reminder July 12 & 13th (Depends WHERE You ARE!)

There are several important New Moon Meditations that we invite you to participate in as you feel guided tonight & tomorrow!

They are listed as being on July 12 and 13 because as we will be doing a Mass Meditation at the exact time that the Moon is new, the date will depend on where you happen to be in the world, the exact time of the New Moon at 2:48 AM UTC JULY 13—please note: in some parts of the world—this will actually be in the evening/night hours on July 12th! 

For a complete timetable with a list of cities around the world please connect to our Active Meditations Page here.

For those of you in the USA this will be TONIGHT Thursday July 12th: at 10:48 PM Eastern or New York Time, 9:48 Central or Chicago Time, 8:48 Mountain Time, 7:48 PM Pacific Time

This will be Friday July 13th in the early morning for those of you in: Berlin--4:48 AM, London--3:38 AM. Please DO check all the cities & time zones here .

At the EXACT time of this New Moon, it is recommended to do the Return of Goddess Meditation and Goddess Vortex Meditation as well as the Sexual healing meditation
DIRECTIONS for ALL three can be found here:

As we have mentioned in a previous post, Friday 13th is connected to Templar timeline of Return of Light and it is also a day of celebration and return of the Goddess.

Our dear Brother Untwine is putting out a call for the Divine Masculine to stand up and bring Justice to Earth:
'The call is put out to especially men, brothers, and also women, to call and connect with the Divine Masculine energy on Friday 13th July at 2:37am UTC, which is 10 minutes before the exact New Moon time, and also at the beginning or included in your Sacred Union ceremony on this same day. And then you can continue with the Goddess meditations and Sacred Union ceremonies.

English guided audio for the sexul healing meditation:

We also suggest people around the world to gather for New Moon Meditations, a 'regular' time was chosen so the the regular New Moon Peace Meditation is at 2:45 PM UTC on Friday July 13th.
Guided audio for the New Moon Peace Meditation can be found here

New Moon Blessings and much Love and Light to you ALL

Please note: here at the WLMM Active Meditations Page you will find an Overview, with a Timetable in UTC that has links to the Event Pages & Guided Audios.
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  1. For those insterested, you can use this youtube channel for beautiful visualizations of the Return of Goddess Meditation, the Goddess Vortex Meditation and the Sexual healing meditation.

    Global Peace Meditation:

    Victory of the Light!


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