New Emergency Meditation focus: California wildfires

A number of wildlifes broke out in California since Thursday, October 10th. In particular, tens of thousands of residents were evacuated from the path of Saddleridge fire, which is the biggest fire of the season so far.

The Saddleridge fire was rapidly spreading with strong Santa Ana winds.

Dry conditions in Southern California also allow wildfires to spread more easily.

Firefighters battle a brush fire dubbed the Saddleridge Fire, north of Los Angeles, with homes burning. Image source

As of Monday, October 14th, at least three people have died due to the wildfires.

Some residents, many of whom spent anxious hours in shelters, were allowed to return home as authorities deemed neighborhoods safe. However, they were warned of hazardous air conditions engulfing the area due to smoke.

Full containment of one of the three major fires, the Sandalwood Fire in Calimesa, is in sight after improved weather conditions east of Los Angeles. The fire started on Thursday, October 10th after a trash truck dumped its fiery load near a mobile home park. It quickly spread to residences, leaving two people dead and destroying 74 buildings.

The Saddleridge Fire in Sylmar is seen Friday Oct. 11, 2019 from a camera in Universal City. Image Source

Fall is historically one of the most dangerous times of the year for wildfires in California. Seven of the state's 10-most destructive wildfires occurred in October.

Therefore, we suggest including this wildfires situation in California in the daily Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC.

Visualize these wildfires being brought under control and contained as soon as possible.

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  1. The levels of anxiety and depression go down.
    Some areas of the brain are activated , specifically those associated with feelings of empathy, compassion and altruistic love.
    The volume of the tonsil, the region of the brain involved in the fear process, is reduced

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