Reminder of Full Moon Meditations, Group implants clearing session and International remote healing sessions between February 24th and 27th

Here is a reminder of the remote healing sessions, group implants removal session and the Full Moon meditations, including Peace Meditation for Syria, between February 24th and 27th.

Monthly International Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing Sessions

Every Full Moon the International Golden Age Group and Prepare For Change Japan Official offer remote healing sessions that can help people around the world to heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift to everyone and is free of charge.

For the upcoming full moon, three international remote healing sessions will be held at the time listed below:

First Day: Thursday, February 25th from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Second Day: Friday, February 26th from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Third Day: Saturday, February 27th from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

At the aforementioned time, please visit their YouTube channel to access the remote healing.

Please feel free to attend any of these sessions.
You can find out more about these international remote healing sessions from the following videos:

Here is the Facebook event we have created for these international remote healing sessions:

You can visit the link below to the International Golden Age Group for more information about this international remote healing.

Full Moon Meditation on Saturday, February 27th at 2:45 PM UTC

Our upcoming Full Moon Mass Meditation will be held on Saturday, February 27th at 2:45 PM UTC. 

Here is the Facebook event for the Full Moon Meditation:

More information & instructions for the Full Moon Meditation can be found in the link below:

And the guided audios for Full Moon Meditation in 18 languages can be accessed here:

Peace Meditation for Syria on Saturday, February 27th at 8:17 AM UTC

At the exact time of the full moon on Saturday, February 27th at 8:17 AM UTC, we will be doing the Peace Meditation for Syria.

It is important to note that the real occult reason for the Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian goddess vortex which is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid.  Whoever controls that energy point is very close to controlling the majority of the energy leyline system on the planetary surface. Whoever controls the energy leyline system has direct access to the global consciousness of humanity.


Since February, 2020, we have been doing a daily meditation to help bringing peace and necessities to refugees in Idlib, Syria, as requested by the Light Forces.

Then in March, 2020, Russia made diplomatic efforts to ease the tensions and eventually managed to strike a deal with Turkey, following several rounds of discussion.

The ceasefire is being monitored by the Russian and Turkish militaries, with forces from both countries conducting patrols in contested areas of Idlib.

However, the situation is still very fragile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that Turkey will take decisive action if the ceasefire agreement is broken.

Conflicts between different factions are still on-going in Syria.

On January 25th, the next round of talks will take place in the United States to discuss the drafting of a new constitution for Syria, ahead of the presidential election between April and May.

By using the energy of the full moon, we can anchor more goddess energy to Syria to help the situations so that they can be resolved quickly and in the best possible way.

Information about this meditation including the instructions can be found here:

Here is the link to our Facebook event for this meditation:

And the link to the guided audios for Syria Peace Meditation in 18 languages:

Also, please feel free to continue to participate in the following Peace Meditations, as well as the Meditation to help bringing peace and necessities to refugees in Idlib. You can also do this meditation as frequently as you wish.

Peace Meditation for Lebanon every 4 hours:

Meditation to help bringing peace and necessities to refugees in Idlib, Syria: 

Meditation for Peace in Syria: 

Iran Peace Meditation:

Meditation for peace in Nagorno-Karabakh:

Group implants clearing sessions on February 24th at 8 PM UTC

According to Cobra, due to the huge success of the Age of Aquarius Final Activation on December 21st, the Light Forces have begun with gradual clearing of the implants of the surface humanity,

And we can help them in this process with implant removal techniques mentioned here:

And here:

Now that the quantum superposition dark technologies are almost gone, the Tunnels of Set are almost gone also and implants are not quantumly entangled anymore. This makes spiritual growth easier and implant clearing easier, as when you now start clearing your implants you are not clearing all other implants in the planetary grid anymore.

Clearing your implants can help with your spiritual growth and your personal Ascension process.

The Lightworkers groups in France and Hungary are going to organize group implants removal sessions every 2 weeks, with the next one on Wednesday, February 24th at 8 PM UTC.

And at the same time on the following dates:
  • March 10th
  • March 24th

Each session will be conducted in English and will be about 1 hour 30 minutes, and will include the following exercises:

The session will be about 1 hour, and will include the following exercises:

The session will be conducted in English.

At the aforementioned time, you can visit the following links to join the live session.
You can also join this Telegram group for infomration about future implants clearing sessions:

Group Implants clearing sessions by Prepare for Change Japan Official every Saturday at 4:30 AM UTC

Prepare for Change Japan Official are going to organize group implants clearing sessions on a weekly basis, with the next one on Saturday, February 27th at 4:30 AM UTC (equals to 1:30 PM JST in Tokyo).

The exercises are similar to those in the sessions by French and Hungarian groups, with an additional exercise that can be found here:
More information can be found in the link below:

The times of the aforementioned sessions are set specifically for people in Europe and Asia. For people in other area, you are also welcome to join these live sessions if you wish. Alternatively, please feel free to replay the video at any time convenient for you.

Live sessions for people in other areas may be organized in future. 
Rainbow-colored Flower of Life Meditation every 4 hours
Light Forces have communicated that it is time now to start taking the planetary energy grid out of the hands of the dark back into our hands again. Therefore they are asking everybody who feels so guided to do the Flower of Life meditation for the planet as often as possible

We are doing this meditation daily every four hours, and will keep doing it until the Event. More information can be found here:

Special thanks to GODDESS CENTRAL for this picture
You can now also follow us on Telegram using the link below.

You may also join this group if you are interested in meditating with like-minded people using English guided audio.

Victory of the Light!

About this blog:

We Love Mass Meditation organizes Mass Meditations aiming to help achieve planetary liberation as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible.

Please join any of the daily meditations below if you feel so guided.
Flower of Life Meditation, 12 PM UTC and every 4 hours, also as often as possible until the Event

End of Coronavirus Meditation at 3 PM UTC and every 4 hours

Meditation to stop the Coronavirus outbreak globally every 4 hours

Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC:

Goddess Vortex Meditation at 2:30 PM UTC

Cosmic Central Race Meditation at 3:45 PM UTC:

Buddhic Columns Meditation at 3:30 PM UTC:

We also organize different mass meditations regularly for various purposes. They can be found in this link below:

Donation to We Love Mass Meditation Fund

We Love Mass Meditation Fund provides emergency financial support to Lightworkers around the world. Please feel free to make a regular or one-off contribution using the link below:

Please assist/support us for a smooth transition in planetary liberation in the highest Light.

We Love Mass Meditation Healing Group
You are welcome to join our healing group to request healing from healers around the world, we are also looking for qualified healers to join this group to help people in need


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