Emergency funding for people affected by earthquakes in Croatia

On December 29th, the area around central Croatia was hit by a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.4.




This caused significant structural damage to the areas including Petrinja, Sisak and Glina. There were also a number of casualties.


Immediately after the earthquake, we have organized a daily Buddhic Column meditation to help providing energetic support to the region, so that it can be recovered as quickly as possible

The process of rebuilding the area has begun. There are about 2500 houses that need to be rebuilt completely. Also, there are a few thousand houses which are damaged. With many small earthquakes still happening on the daily basis, their condition is likely to get worse.

In the meantime, many houses would take a long time to rebuild.



This means that more families may become homeless in the near future.

On a more positive note, Lightworkers in Croatia are making great contribution. They are providing help to the local people so that the community can be rebuilt. Their help include buying necessities which are lacking in those areas. Therefore, we would like to ask for donations from people across the globe.

They would like to buy a mobile container home (which cost at least 2500 euros) for a family living in Hrvatska Kostajnica, which locates at the border of Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. The family have done a lot of spiritual teachings in the local area. Now, they need our help so that they can have a safe place to live temporarily, and continue with their spiritual works.

Any extra money would be used to buy winter rubber boots, raincoats, electric heaters and general necessities for the local people, as well as more container homes for families with little children and old people.

If you feel guided to help these people in Croatia, you can make a contribution using the link below:


If you have any preference on how your contribution should be spent (housing, winter clothes, electric heaters, general necessities), please add a note when making contribution. All invoices will be available on request.

Please feel free to share this fundraising campaign far and wide, as the money raised will also benefit everyone in the area affected by the earthquakes.

You can also make donation to We Love Mass Meditation Fund if you are guided, which provides emergency financial support to Lightworkers around the world.

Victory of the Light!

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