Urgent meditation for peace between Russia and NATO every 4 hours

Update on 2022-09-23:

Situation between Russia and NATO is escalating.

Russia has declared partial mobilization:


Referendum in eastern parts of Ukraine for those regions to join Russia will be held between September 23rd to 27th:



This sets a stage for a possibility for military escalation in Ukraine and also in regions around that country.

To help dissolving the tension, the Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to join our meditation for peace between Russia and NATO, which will be taking place on Wednesday, September 28th at 5:17 pm UTC.

This table shows the time of the meditation for various time zones:

Timetable for all main time zones on the planet is here:


Here is the link to the English livestream for this meditation:


And the link to the Facebook event for this meditation:


Instructions and guided audio for this meditation can be found below.


Update on 2022-09-12: 

On September 11th, Russia launched a massive barrage of cruise missiles against Ukraine. For the first time, they are hitting Electric Generating Stations.  Blackouts are reported in many areas of Ukraine.


Train service has come to a halt across the whole of Ukraine as power goes out amid hits on critical infrastructure.

Some areas have lost water supply and internet connection throughout the country has been affected.

There are also reports that Russia is preparing to come into direct conflict with US and NATO.

Moreover, Russia threaten NATO that much more grain needs to be exported from the Ukrainian ports to Africa.

And Russia might attack NATO countries with nuclear weapons if they continue to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine.


As the conflict is escalating once more, it is important to continue the meditation every 4 hours.

We suggest everyone who feels guided to do the Meditation for Peace between Russia and NATO as often as possible or every 4 hours at the following times:

  • 12:30 AM UTC
  • 4:30 AM UTC
  • 8:30 AM UTC
  • 12:30 PM UTC
  • 4:30 PM UTC
  • 8:30 PM UTC

This table shows the interval times of the meditation for selected time zones:


You can also do this meditation in your own time as frequently as you feel guided. 

Here is the Facebook event link for this meditation (updated): 

And here is the Youtube guided audio playlist short link: 


Instructions for this meditation: (Suggested time for this meditation is 15 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to bring peace and healing to the situation between Russia and NATO.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of pink Light, emanating from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body and deep into the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly to everybody involved in the situations between Russia and NATO, harmonizing everyone and bringing peace. Let the pink Light then flow onwards, healing all other conflicts worldwide.

6.  Ask the Goddess presence (the Divine Feminine) to protect Zaporozhie Nuclear Power Plant from any damage to prevent any fallout. Visualize this nuclear facility safe and protected.

7. Ask the Goddess presence (the Divine Feminine) to direct energies of peace and harmony to all unresolved situations between Russia and NATO, and everyone involved in these situations. Let these energies then flow onwards and heal all other conflicts worldwide. Allow these energies to continue to flow through your heart and then through your hands into these situations for a few minutes.

Please feel free to include this situation in the daily Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC. Visualize the situation between Russia and NATO being resolved peacefully as quickly as possible.

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be.

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  1. Not Kaliningrad, Königsberg!!!

  2. Königsberg era tedesca, capoluogo della Prussia orientale, fino al 1945, quando fu occupata dai russi.
    Gli abitanti subirono gravi persecuzioni e in gran parte furono deportati nella Germania sotto il controllo sovietico.
    I 370.000 abitanti originari si ridussero a 150.000 all'inizio del 1945 e scesero ancora attorno ai 20.000 alla fine dello stesso anno.
    La città fu rinominata Kaliningrad e ripopolata da russi. La russificazione ha comportato, nel 1968, la demolizione del palazzo reale,
    per decisione di Breznev .
    Oggi è la punta avanzata del dispositivo bellico russo. I missili nucleari che vi sono dislocati possono colpire Berlino o Varsavia in pochi minuti.
    Da Kaliningrad i russi abbaiano da quasi ottant'anni...
    Fonte: Meglio Liberi

  3. Thank you for bringing awareness to this!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Today, on July 8th 2022,Japanese ex Prime Minister Sinzo Abe is killed by gun shot!


  7. Earth Dragon blog.

    Cobra has stated multiple times that only one person will be responsible for clearing huge amounts of darkness. I believe I may be this person, because of several things that happened to me.

    In my blog you will understand why the chimera will never try to detonate toplet bombs (they will fail and will regret being born if they try) and how weak they and the cabal really are. In the past we didn’t know exactly how to deal with them, but this is past now.

    I also believe I MAY be the reincarnation of Bruce Lee. Again, because of things that happened in my life.

    More at: earthdragonchronicles.blogspot.com

  8. Err, don't you mean *russia is going to attack the nuclear power plant?

    I read the link. It's just someone's radio blog with zero proof of the claims.

  9. Rebirth of the Society mass meditation

    We’ll be brief.

    The aim of this meditation is to remove as many toplet bombs as possible. You need to understand that if one of the main blockades towards the event are the toplet bombs, we need to focus on removing them as soon as possible. It is that simple.

    If we reach one million meditators we may be able to remove many, if not all of the bombs. This will accelerate what we wait for.

    The moment of the meditation will be the exact moment that Earth enters the Scorpio sign (death and rebirth of the society), October 23TH 6:36 AM, New York time

    You can check the exact time of the meditation in your location here:


    Please, invite (and remind) as many people as possible to participate. Let’s reach one million participants and change this damn situation once and for all.

    Instructions for the meditation are here (you can translate online if you need to):


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