Donation Update and Application process

In some parts of the world, thanksgiving is coming up and it is a time for families to come together to share and give thanks.

We are Grateful for all who support the Planetary Liberation Process.

Please continue your support for families who might be in need this holiday season.

This initiation to support our fellow brothers and sisters in the Light is now brought forth to support all who are in desperate need. This initiation holds abundance and light through all with assistance from the higher planes and Saint Germaine.

Your support will help to donate to all who are in need to help speed up this process.

Our mission is to awaken the 144,000, to bring Love, Harmony, Freedom and Peace as well as Abundance to all in this solar system.

So far we have received more than £780 of donations in Pounds Sterling, US Dollars and Euros.

Although it is less than our initial target of £1,000, it is still a substantial sum of money that we hope to help a number of Lightworkers in need. Also, hopefully with a continuous flow of money inflow into the fund, more people can receive the financial help they need.

Therefore, we have decided to open the application of the fund now.

Please write to us if you are in need of a donation at this moment to help support your position as a Light Being assisting with Victory of the Light!

You can fill out a form to request donations here:

Then the core team of this blog will approve all the applications together.

May this mission be blessed in the highest light for all and Victory of the Light!

Please contribute any donations to this PayPal account at or simply with this PayPal.Me link:

More information about the WLMM Fund can be found here:


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