Important updates on meditations

Here are a number of short but important updates:

Alert Meditation (previously called Black Alert Meditation)

Since the beginning of November, the Light Forces seem to be able to take more actions, which lead to a downgrade of the alert at 504.

And we have this beautiful message for GaiaPortal.

However, it can be seen the situation is still not so stable and the alert can still go up and down at any time.

Therefore, the Light Forces have requested us to continue our 'Black Alert Meditation' every day, which is essentially the Unity Meditation we managed to reached critical mass during the Total Solar Eclipse in August.

However, we recognized that the name Black Alert does not reflect the current and possibly future statuses of all the alerts. Therefore, we would just call it 'Alert Meditation' from now on.

A new Facebook event with this updated name can be found here:

Instructions of the Alert Meditation can be found here:

Full Moon Meditation

My good friend Arbre who is an excellent Lightworker has created a very beautiful promotional video for the upcoming Full Moon Meditation. Please share it far and wide!

At the time of this writing (12 PM GMT), the next Full Moon meditation will be in 2 hours and 30 minutes at 2:30 PM GMT. Please join us in this meditation if you feel so guided and help the Light Forces to clear the darkness and speed up the process towards The Event.

Guided audio for this meditation is now available in the following languages:

Playlist by Smaly7:




A Facebook event for this upcoming Full Moon Meditation can be found here:


After the Declaration of the Independence from Spain last week, the Spanish Central government continue to take drastic actions to stop the secession from happening.

On the other hand, a petition has been created in the UK to support a peaceful secession of Catalonia from Spain.

We will continue to support a peaceful solution of the situation with our meditation for this event at 3:30 PM GMT every day.


Please help the Lightworkers in need by making valuable donations here. Application of the funding request will start early next week. 


Please also free feel to use the forum to contact us and other lightworkers around the world. You can also use it to provide suggestions on new meditations.

Victory of the Light!


  1. We need translations into Portuguese.

  2. We need translations into Portuguese.

  3. I am with you for Mass Meditatio, Victory of the Light <3 Y Victoria De Luz


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