Update on Natural and Man-made disasters meditation

Here is an update on the numbers of Natural and Man-Made Disasters we are currently focusing on during the meditation at 4 PM GMT.

Volcano Agung in Bali

Since we started focusing on Volcano Agung in our daily meditation two months ago, it has remained relatively calm. Then over the past couple of days, it has been spewing huge ash cloud.  The warning level was raised to the maximum level 4 alert on Sunday.

Mount Agung has been spewing volcanic ash with an increasing intensity for about a week now and the heightened seismic activity confirms the volcano is shifting into the magmatic phase.

Mudflows of volcanic debris and water (this is known as a lahar) have been moving down the volcano's slopes. The lahars can be dangerous and are expected to increase during the rainy season.

Bali’s airport was closed on Sunday due to the volcanic ash, which can damage aeroplane engines or even cause them to fail, and also clogs fuel and cooling systems. Pilot visibility can also be hampered.

Let us focus on keeping the energies of Mother Earth calm as she releases pressure at Mount Agung and everywhere in a most gentle and gradual manner as possible. Visualize all of the surrounding areas of Bali and the people there, evacuees, residents, and grounded travellers in calm state and see all filled with Light.

Plague in Madagascar

The plague situation in Madagascar is still very critical, and is likely to continue for another few months.

It is very important to visualize the situation in Madagascar to be brought under control and to see an end to this virus being spread in any way within this region by the Cabal on purpose.

Earthquakes in Iraq & Iran and Flood in Athens

Although the damages in these locations are still severe and would take some time to recover, there is no immediate risk of another disaster. Therefore, we would suggest to take them off from the list of things to focus on during the meditation. However, please continue to send love and healing to people in these areas and visualise them to be able to get their life back to normal if you feel so guided.

It is also interesting to note that there were some inaccuracies in the reports of the location of the earthquake. It demonstrates the importance to be able to validate information via different sources.

Earthquakes in Loyalty Island

The frequency of the earthquake at Loyalty Island has been reduced over the past few days. We will continue to monitor the situation there to determine if it has to be added to the list of current focus in the meditation. 

Sunday time change to 4:30 PM GMT

Since the Alert Meditation has been moved to 3PM GMT every day as per Cobra's request, we have moved this meditation to 4 PM GMT. Also to avoid clash with the Weekly Ascension Meditation on Sunday, the Natural and man-made disasters meditation will be held on Sunday at 4:30 PM GMT.

Here is our new facebook event for this meditation with the new time:

Update on the current focus of this meditation 

We are also doing an update on the current foci of this meditation on a regular basis, the latest report can be found on our forum.

Victory of the Light!