Natural and Man-made Disasters Meditation will be moved to 4:30 PM GMT on Sunday

This is because the time of this meditation has swapped with the Alert Meditation, which allows more people in Asia to join.

Revised timetable of different meditations can be found here:

Full update on the Natural and Man-Made Disasters Meditation will be published soon.


  1. Hello everyone, I am so grateful for this blog and try to follow all the meditations as events occur, glad to be joining and finally feeling I am helping along with everyone. I have not been receiving email notifications and wish people to know that it seems there is interference in receiving them. Even when I check the spam folder, they are not there at all, although this site says I am still subscribed. I was very heartbroken not to have received them and I did not get to participate in the last few days because I did not check over the weekend. I don't know how many others were affected, but perhaps the writers could let people know it is best to check the site very often personally and not to rely on being a subscriber since the emails may not reach or reach on time.

  2. when doing the ascension meditation daily, it has been suggested before to do it right after the daily geophysical meditation, while on sunday you suggest to do the geophysical at the half hour after the ascension meditation ...
    wouldn't it make more sense to do the geophysical right after the ascension meditation on sunday for consistency?
    this also saves time, not having to wait 15 minutes for the next meditation ...


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