Reminder for the Alert Meditation

It looks like the Dark Forces are in actions again today as Cobra has posted two coded messages to the Resistance Movement, which we can see the alert at 504 has raised from Red to Black in one day.

** Update: Black alert at 504 **

* Update: Alert downgraded to Red *

Date time
504PBPPNSystemsIsidic /
11/22/17 03:58pBlack alert at 504
11/22/17 05:23aAlert downgrade to red10:35
11/21/17 02:21pBlack alert at 50415:02
11/20/17 02:14pDrastic Isidic/systems security breach, red alert at 50424:07Drastic security breach

Please help the Light Forces to deflect these attacks by doing the Alert Meditation at any time as you wish, as well as the daily meditation at 4 PM GMT.

More information can be found in the link below:

Guided audio for the Alert Meditation can also be found here:

You can also join our Facebook event for this meditation:


  1. bonjour, il faudrait en méditation les forces de lumières renforcées en protection, avec le bouclier arc en ciel, je le fais en méditation mais il faudrait que plusieurs personnes le fasse en mm temps, je sens que beaucoup le font et l'inclus dans la méditation pour les bombes toplets et parasites. Victoire de la Lumière
    Courage et Amour pour tous <3 <3 <3
    Sandrine Villeneuve


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